We raise chickens ethically. This results in a better flavor but also sustainable in practice.

B'More Organic Poultry farm, responsibly raised chicken

B'More Urban Organic Poultry is a poultry farm connected locally to Baltimore-that produces organic chicken and turkeys for meat. Our birds are pasture-raised and that means they live their entire lives outdoors and on fresh grass where they eat bugs, seed pods, and grass.


Chickens raised locally outdoors and on fresh pasture create an amazing product!


Whole Bird

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Bone Broth


In 2021 we began bringing them to markets in Baltimore City. We love our chickens and, for the time they are with us, we give them constant attention and care. Unlike those industry sized sheds that house up to 50,000 birds at a time, our flocks are never larger than 150 and they live their lives in a completely natural and pasturing environment. They eat only certified organic feed (and bugs and grass). Nothing unnatural, no hormones, no antibiotics, no pesticides or herbicides ever come near the chickens or the farm. They live in a truly natural environment, and as a result, they are truly happy chickens.

Raising chickens ethically for meat since 2008.