Hi, my name is Jody, and I've been raising chickens ethically for meat since 2008. Our farm is located in Newville, PA, and we also keep a small flock right here in Baltimore. We raise local chickens for Baltimore markets! That's why we're called B'more.

We are a Baltimore-based poultry farm that produces organic chicken and turkeys for meat. Our birds are pasture-raised and that means they live their entire lives outdoors and on fresh grass where they eat bugs, seed pods and grass. They are fed organic whole-grain feed, meaning they are fed grain prepared by Sporting Valley Feed in Manheim, Pennsylvania.


It is not processed feed and there are no steroids, pesticides or herbicides used to grow the grain they eat. It it all natural and whole grain! Peas, cracked corn and canola are the three main ingredients. We raise our birds sustainably, meaning they are raised inside hoop houses or what we call chicken tractors. Inside these chicken tractors they protected from the elements, but also get plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Each day farmer Loren moves the chicken tractors to fresh grass. This way the birds stay always clean and have fresh cool grass under their feet.

Baltimore Chicken Farmer Jody Morris